I´m a director based in Munich.

I grew up in Karlsruhe, Germany. When shooting movies with a HI-8 camcorder finally got boring I started working as a trainee on different film sets.

Since I figured that some proper education might help with moving ahead in the business, I took up studies of media and film technology at the University of Media in Stuttgart.
With my newly aquired knowledge of technical issues I started working as a lighting technician and mostly did feature films and commercials.

After graduating university I did more work as a lighting technician untill I finally got bored of setting up lights and carrying heavy goods from one part of the set to another
(though I miss the coffee at the lighting truck!).

So I gave the matter some hard thoughts and decided that sitting in a director's chair would prove way more comfortable - especially if the wheather conditions are not that great.
This is why 2012 found me taking up my studies at the directing class of the University of Television and Film Munich which continue untill today.